Thursday, August 26, 2004

Kerry – Free Speech for Everyone Except my Critics 

John Kerry demands freedom of speech for everyone except his critics. For the last year pro-Kerry 527 groups MoveOn.org, America Coming Together, The Media Fund And America Votes have been running over $60 million in ads attacking President Bush. They have compared the President to Hitler, disparaged his Vietnam era military service and all kinds of far out crimes and misdemeanors. Michael Moore's movie is full of half truths, exaggerations and lies about President Bush and the film maker honored at Kerry's nominating convention with a seat next to Jimmy Carter. At rally after rally, John Kerry brings out a decorated veteran to say nice things about him. Like it or not, this is all good old American freedom of speech.

But then a group of veterans criticize Kerry and he demands that President Bush shut them up. He claims they a front for the Bush campaign but presents no convincing evidence – there is far more evidence of illegal coordination between the Kerry campaign and his 527's. And why is it alright for Kerry to attack President Bush’s service in the Air National Guard, but not ok for some veteran citizens to attack Kerry’s record?

I don't know how true the Swift Boat Veterans' allegations are but I give them at least as much credibility as Kerry himself. Kerry has already admitted to lying about being in Cambodia at Christmas 1968. None of this would mater to me if Kerry had not made his Vietnam service his main credential for being president and if he had not attacked President Bush's Vietnam War record. He can easily distract me from the Vietnam discussion by talking about his decades in Congress and what he did there. He does not seem to want to talk about that.


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Monday, August 23, 2004

Kerry Favors Censorship 

Ever since George Bush was elected president, especially ever since he selected John Ashcroft to be his Attorney General, we have been told that civil liberties are dead in America. Forget the fact that there are 37 anti-Bush books on the shelf at my local book store, this has become an indisputable fact according to our friends on the left. John Ashcroft has been a favorite punching bag for Kerry/Edwards speeches and MoveOn.com portrayed President Bush as Hitler. Never mind that these critics can not cite a single instance of government suppression of civil liberties. Never mind that there are hundreds of voices ranting against our president without the slightest repercussions, in fact, in many cases, great monetary reward. A whole industry of hate-Bush books and movies has come to life.

But one book critical of John Kerry gets notice and what does the left do? Call for censorship. According to news stories, the Kerry campaign is pressuring the publisher of Unfit for Command to pull the book from stores. Should I be surprised at this hypocrisy?

Kerry on Civil Liberties


527 Heaven 

Seems according to the New York Times that MoveOn.com, America Coming Together, and all the other George Soros financed BBO's (Bush Bashing Organizations) can share staff, coordinate activities, etc.,with the Kerry campaign, but the Swift Boat Vets are a Bush front because there are Texas Republicans that once met Bush involved. I have a suggestion for Senator McCain and Senator Feingold – why not just re-write your campaign finance law to way what you really meant it to say – that it is illegal for Republicans to use their money for presidential campaigns and the Democrats can do what ever they want.


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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Vote for Me, I'm a War Hero 

John Kerry is the Democratic Party presidential candidate and, by the way, he served in Vietnam. This is the resume that Mr. Kerry has been promoting for the last 30 years and it is illegal for anyone to argue with him.

John Kerry only served four and a half months in Vietnam, but that is four and a half months more than I served, so I would prefer to give nothing but gratitude for his service and go on to the important issues of the day. The problem is that, as the Democratic Party Convention demonstrated, his Vietnam service is pretty much the only entry he claims on his resume. Not only that, but he falsely accuses President Bush of being AWOL during the Vietnam War. Mr. Kerry has opened to door widely to the Swift Boat Vets’ attack ads.

And what is Senator Kerry's response? Disparaging his fellow veterans as liars and legal action to stop the ads. He could just ask the Navy to make his war records public – so far he has released only a selected few records that show him in a favorable light.


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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Americans are to Blame for 9/11 

t seems according to a recent poll a majority of Democrats believe that wrong doing by our country is to blame for 9/11. And they say Republicans are out of the main stream? What ever you might say about their socialist beliefs, you used to be able to rely on Democratic politicians to have our country's best interest at heart. Harry Truman comes to mind. No more.


Saturday, August 07, 2004

Hate Bush? 

Here is an intelligent article by a Bush hater. President Bush may not be a great intellect. President Bush might mangle the English language. President Bush might miss the fine nuances of complex issues. President Bush might be an unsophisticated cowboy. But President Bush is determined to defeat our deadly enemies no mater what the direction of the latest polls.

Hate Bush?


Friday, August 06, 2004

Help is on the Way – the French are Coming! 

Visualize this. President John Kerry is inaugurated and within weeks thousands of French paratroopers are landing in Falujah, and the U.S. Marine Corp is packing up to go home. Hey, there's more. A hundred thousand new recruits to the German Army are grouped on the Iranian border demanding an end to the mullahs’ nuclear weapons program. And both the Chinese and Russians have amassed an armada of men and boats and planes making it clear to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il that he better ditch his nukes. Gee, I knew John Kerry was fluent in French, but who ever suspected he could negotiate all this?

Does this sound real? It is precisely what candidate John Kerry is promising, but it will never happen. Put aside that John Kerry has never negotiated anything, unless, of course you consider side meetings with the enemy during Nixon's negotiations to end the Vietnam War. But even if John Foster Dulles was to come back to life, he could not negotiate our dream scenario above. Let's face it, there is only one super power in the world today and that is the United States. I personally think it would be better if some other like minded democracies such as France, Germany, and England were super powers that could share the burden, but they are not. Russia and China are candidate super powers, but have not yet showed willingness to take responsibility for world security. And they do not yet share our democratic values. The United States is the only country with the strength and the will to win the war on terror, to think otherwise is wishful thinking.

John Kerry promises that there is an easier way and that young French men will fight and die instead of us. It is a seductive promise because we morn to see young American soldiers coming home in body bags. But there is no other way. The French are not coming – now or under a Kerry presidency. It is true we have lost 900 soldiers in Iraq (less than any other war), but we will loose far more citizens to terrorism if we weaken our resolve.

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John Kerry Watching Too Much Michael Moore? 

Seems Kerry is jumping on the cheap conspiracy theory, hate Bush band wagon. The latest is this stupid Moore criticism of Bush reading to kids when he learned of the attacks. You could make a case that he should have jumped up and ran around in panic, but I don’t think you can say maintaining calm in a terrible situation was the wrong thing to do. If this kind of thing is the basis of the hate Bush industry, I’m afraid we have a serious mental health problem in the Democratic candidates and in a large part of the electorate.


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