Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Respect for John McCain 

I am a strong supporter of Rudy Giuliani – I oppose the John McCain’s vote against President Bush’s tax cuts, his pushing of campaign finance legislation, and his opposition to imprisonment conditions for terrorists. But I have to say his speech today at the Virginia Military Institute has gone a long way to restore my respect for him. In my opinion, all issues in the 2008 election pale in comparison to victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. The other Republican candidates support victory as well, but I admire McCain’s willingness to make it his key issue and to try to change the views of the public. Hillary Clinton used to support victory until her pollsters told her she needed to change her opinion in order to win her party’s nomination. Do we really want someone so indecisive as a wartime president? (Yes, our next president will be a wartime president - even if we surrender in Iraq and Afghanistan our enemies will continue to attack us). In the past I thought McCain often postured for popularity, but on this issue, I detect honest conviction.

There is room for debate on how to win in Iraq and Afghanistan, but, for now, the only debate is victory or surrender. Many, perhaps a majority of Americans, have lost faith in our efforts in Iraq because over 3,000 of our soldiers have been killed. The death of even on GI is tragic, but our liberty is not free. I am very grateful that my parents’ generation did not chicken out during the Second World War in which 405,399 soldiers died. We need more politicians to forcefully argue for victory.

I am not switching from Rudy yet, but John McCain is on the right track to get my vote.

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