Friday, March 23, 2007

Fire Some More Attorneys 

If President Bush wants to show that he means stand up to the latest Democratic non-scandal, I suggest that he should fire some more U.S. Attorneys. Pick some that have defiated from popular Republican leagal issues such as voter fraud or capital punishment.

2008 – There Is Only One Issue 

In next year’s election, there is really only one issue. If we loose the war in Iraq, our continued existence is at risk. If we loose Iraq, it will quickly become a base of terrorism aimed at us. Russia, China, and perhaps even France will rush to sell weapons and technology to whatever dictator takes over and with the second largest oil reserves in the world he will quickly acquire nuclear weapons. If Osama Bin Laden could pull off 9/11 from a cave in Afghanistan, imagine what he or his successor can do with the might of a major oil producer behind him.

I hear people arguing about abortion, immigration, minimum wage, etc., etc. I barely listen. Does it really mater what happened with these issues if our very survival is at risk? And there are nice but irrelevant candidates. While I worked in Chicago I got to know a little about Barak Obama and came to respect him as a thinker. But can anyone imagine him as a wartime president? A good man at the wrong time. And then there are “genuine conservatives” that Republicans are supposed to get all excited about. Chuck Hagel who says Iraq is another Vietnam? I am open to new ideas and approaches, but not to thinly disguised surrender as offered by the Baker group. For me the defining issue is a consistent, unwavering stand for victory in Iraq.

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